Miami Vice

        Episode 19

The Home Invaders

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Then Gina takes the prostitutes to the Bal Harbor Shops to identify the Valet.

They identify him and then we see Gina call into the Robbery Bureau (set). We stay at Bal Harbour Shops. Stan, Larry, Sonny, and Martin are then seen doing surveillance from a hotel room. Only it is not a real hotel room but a set at the studio.

Then we see them northbound on N. Bayshore Dr. They stop at the light at Broad Causeway.

Then Crockett and Castillo follow the mark out of Bal Harbour Shops.  She turns right and heads south on Collins Ave.

They pull up along side her at the light and ask her to pull over.

It turns out that she does not have a fully functioning brain and she takes off turning eastbound on Broad Causeway.

They chase her down the Broad Causeway and through the toll booth. They have reconstructed the bridge and toll booths since Vice days and the toll booth has been moved some distance to the west much closer to the bridge.

They get her stopped after the toll booth next to the service station. The little turn off is no longer there but the gas station still looks the same.

Red arrow points to where toll booth was.

White arrow points to where they stop her.

Then we see the home invaders pulling out of their garage. In reality, they are actually pulling out of Stage D at Greenwich Studios.

They drive by Larry and Stan who were watching their hangout. This location took years to figure out though I always suspected it could be located conveniently by the studio. Turns out it was, in fact on the grounds of the studio. Filmed on the section of NE 121st Street that runs through the south side of the studio grounds.

Then we see the bad guys turn from eastbound on NE 66th Street to southbound on Biscayne Blvd. and pass the Sunny Day Motel.

Then the dialog says eastbound on Flagler Street but they are southbound on Biscayne just north of where we just saw them turn onto Biscayne Blvd. They are approaching the Sunny Days Motel again.

Then they are back up by the Sunny Day Motel southbound on Biscayne where we just saw them passing 66th Street.  

Then we see them pass by the Omni on Biscayne Blvd.

They turn westbound on NE 65th Street and our cops pull over at the Sunny Day Motel and get out on foot to look down the street. They see the crooks have pulled over to switch vehicles.

Then we see Stan going the wrong way. Northbound on Biscayne crossing over the canal and passing the marine dealership just south of NE 135th Street.

Sgt. Heraty runs back to the van and announces the switch and that he no longer has a visual on them. At this point we see the Camaro drive by the Omni Southbound on Biscayne Blvd. where just moments before, we had seen Stan drive by in his taxi.

Then we see the truck headed northbound on Collins past 20th Street in Miami Beach.

Then we see Stan headed north on Biscayne Blvd. in North Miami past Pumperniks at 12599 Biscayne. Across the street from Pumperniks is where Crockett and Tubbs got in the limo near the end of episode 2, Heart of Darkness. Then they drove out of what is now Boston Market and we saw Pumperniks clearly in the near background. We see a great, daytime shot of this same stretch in Frank Sinatra’s Lady in Cement.

Then we see Larry on what appears to be Biscayne northbound passing 126th Street and then northbound on Collins by 20th Street.

Then it cuts to Crockett and Castillo at Mrs. Goldman’s house. Location unknown. Lt. Castillo is so cool he is relaxing reading a book.

Then Gina calls from the O.C.B. (set). We stay at Mrs. Goldman’s and then Crockett calls Gina back at the O.C.B. and talks to Mrs. Goldman. They learn the car belongs to her daughter and they are protecting the wrong house. The dialog states the daughter lives at 18 Bel Dr.

Crockett and Castillo take off headed that way. Westbound on the MacArthur Causeway over the bridge from Watson Island.

They arrive at Goldman’s daughter’s house.  This is the same house used earlier in the episode for the old couples house on Palm Island. 94 Palm Ave. They reuse it now as a younger couples house.

After taking out the bad guys it cuts to a celebration dinner that turns into a retirement party for Lt. John Malone. This was filmed at JJ’s. 5850 Sunset Drive, Coral Gables.




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