Miami Vice

         Season 4

Opening Montages


    Season 4 opening montages are much less diverse. They either landed on what they liked best or just gave up the effort. They stuck with the same selection and order of segments as we saw used in most of season 3, the 8th version we see in the series.

    The trend toward shorter teasers continues as the average length of season 4 teasers drops 5 seconds from Season 3. A full 50 seconds shorter on average than season two’s teasers.

    The season 4 teasers average 4 minutes 8.5 seconds. The shortest teaser of season 4 is in episode 84, Honor Among Thieves at just 1 minute 20 seconds. It is also the shortest in the series thus far beating out season two’s, episode 39, French Twist which was 1 minute 35 seconds. The longest teaser of season four belongs to episode 82, Baseballs of Death at 7 minutes 2 seconds.

All of the season 4 logos continue the season 3 style of being backlit with a bright, vibrant white as opposed to the earlier pinks and oranges.

The logo colors do vary but the differences are more subtle than in the earlier seasons. The basic set up now (on DVD) seems to be a teal green Miami with a purple Vice. I am not 100% sure why but the original colors that we saw broadcast in the 80’s have changed significantly and the DVDs have failed to capture the true, original colors.

69 Contempt Of Court

70 Amen...Send Money

71 Death And The Lady

72 The Big Thaw

The In Stereo logo that appeared  beneath the Miami Vice logo on some of the original broadcast is also missing on the DVDs. Perhaps because stereo television is commonplace now but back when Vice was originally being broadcast, stereo  broadcast television was brand new and a big deal.

73 Child’s Play

74 God’s Work

75 Missing Hours

76 Like A Hurricane

77 The Rising Sun Of Death

78 Love At First Sight

79 Rock And A Hard Place

80 Cows Of October

81 Vote Of Confidence

82 Baseballs of Death

83 Indian Wars

84 Honor Among Thieves

85 Hell Hath No Fury

86 Badge Of Dishonor

87 Blood And Roses

88 A Bullet For Crockett

89 Deliver Us From Evil

90 Mirror Image

Segments in order of appearance: