Original air date: 03/29/1985

The episode starts off with 3 guys driving toward Miami Beach on the MacArthur Causeway by the Miami Coast Guard Station. They are not acting like the typical motoring public.

As the scene continues it cuts and we see them driving west, away from Miami Beach on the MacArthur Causeway. The break-waters for the Miami Beach Marina can be seen in the background. We saw this used in the 2006 Miami Vice movie. Beyond that we get a nice view of Fisher Island before it was heavily developed.

As the drive continues we get a good look at the building on West Avenue where Crockett and Tubbs met with Castillo and Agent Waters in episode 15, Smuggler’s Blues. Also used in Trust Fund Pirates and more recently Burn Notice used this location (new building) as O’Neil’s residence in episode 37, Long Way Back.

They continue westbound and we see Star Island and the Port Of Miami in the background. They engage in some aggressive driving threatening a pickup truck driver while driving down the bridge section. At the end of the bridge (across from the Coast Guard Station) the Dodge pickup truck goes off a jump and takes a swim with Star Island in the background. This is the same spot from which Tony uses a pay phone to call in, after the drug deal goes bad in the movie, Scarface.

Then we see the same threesome parked at the beach. They decide to do a robbery. This was filmed on Ocean Drive at 13th Street. The Cardozo Hotel can be seen in the background. This is where Jake and Bobbie were shot in episode 3, Cool Runnin’. It was also Frank Sinatra’s hotel in the movie, A Hole In The Head.

Then we see the standard season 1 opening montage.  

After the montage we see Crockett and Tubbs parked with Crockett on the phone and Tubbs kidding him about his new girlfriend.

Then we see them get out of the car and walk over to where the threesome has ditched their stolen ride. This was filmed by Reflections on The Bay, what is now the Hard Rock at Crockett’s Marina (Miami Marina), Bayfront Park. Reflections on The Bay was used in the movie Absence of Malice. My re-creation shot below right may look like an exact match but the road was actually shifted approximately 125 feet to the south to make way for Bayside Marketplace which was actually built on top of the old roadway.

Then we go to Brenda’s where Crockett has an overnight date.  This was filmed at 3067 Jefferson Street in Coconut Grove. This location was also used in Shadow In The Dark.

After Brenda’s we see the trio again. This time they are on 16th Street in South Miami Beach near Collins Avenue. They steal a car from a parking space, 5 spaces down from Collins Ave. They take off in their new ride southbound on Collins.

Then we go to the interior of the O.C.B. (studio set).

Then we go to Morgan’s lunch wagon headquarters where they are trying to figure out who robbed them. This was filmed on Bay Road just off Dade Blvd. in Miami Beach. This was a tough location to find, thanks to Airtommy at (site no longer exist) for doing considerable work and figuring out where this was filmed.

Then we see Crockett and Tubbs outside Tommy’s Deck Bar. Tubbs goes inside while Crockett takes a break and calls his girlfriend, Brenda. The trio are inside but escape in a hail of bullets. This was filmed on 5th Street at Euclid Ave. in South Miami Beach. The phone booth was on the NW corner of the intersection. Tommy’s Deck Bar is now a parking lot for a Consumer Value Store. Thanks to DanJ at who’s tireless effort resulted in his discovering where this scene was filmed.

Then we return to the O.C.B. (set).  

Next we see Sonny and Brenda in her pool, filmed at 3067 Jefferson Street.

We return to the O.C.B. Where Gina throws herself at Crockett and gets mad when he turns her down. Then we return to Brenda’s.

Next we see Izzy on the street selling shoes. Crockett and Tubbs grab him and bring him around the corner into an alley. Thanks to airtommy at we now know that this was filmed on location on the west side of Washington Avenue in Miami Beach just north of Espanola Way. The same location where Sonny met up with Leon in the Pilot to start their driving scene. Thanks airtommy for the great work. Special thanks to MATT5 at for the 3 great photos used below.

Then we see Crockett and Tubbs walk away and get in the car. This looks like a totally different area. This was filmed in downtown Miami. They come off of NE 3rd Ave. and turn right (eastbound) onto NE 2nd Street. Thanks to Sue at for identifying this location.

Then we see Crockett go sailing with Brenda out on Biscayne Bay and at night they are still on the boat but tied up at Crockett’s marina.

Then we see the trio at a restaurant. This was filmed at JJ’s Diner. The same restaurant that was used for the ending dinner scene in The Home Invaders. 5850 Sunset Dr., Coral Gables.

Then Tubbs pays Crockett a visit at Brenda’s.

Then we see Crockett and Tubbs Meeting with Izzy at a boat ramp.  This was filmed in Coconut Grove, at the old Coast Guard Hangar that was also used in episode 12, Milk Run where they spot Louis leaving the Hangar (boxing gym) and follow him to the Senator.  

From Milk Run

Then we go back to Morgan’s lunch wagon headquarters where we see that Crockett and Tubbs are staked out across the street.  They spend the whole day there but nothing happens.

From there we go back to Brenda’s.

The next morning Sonny is a no show at Morgan’s. Things don’t go well for Tubbs.

Then we cut back to Brenda’s where Tubbs arrives all beaten up.

From there we go to the O.C.B. where Crockett gets benched.

Then we see Crockett take an early morning cruise in his boat on the bay with Key Biscayne in the background. We see the sunrise in the background behind Key Biscayne. It is interesting to follow the sun as the scene progresses as we see the sun rise higher and higher in the sky and then go back down as the scene concludes.

Then we cut to Ocean Drive where the Vice crew (except Crockett) has set up one of Morgan’s lunch wagons. Ocean Drive at 13th Street.

Then we see Crockett return to Brenda’s house as she is headed out. There Crockett puts the brakes on the relationship.

Then it cuts to the trio in their hotel room. This looks like a studio set but I have not confirmed this.

Then we return to the lunch wagon on Ocean Drive opposite 13th Street. There the trio makes an attempt to rob the vice crew. This ends with the wheel man chasing tubs through the park after the other two bad guys had been shot. Crockett comes back into the picture racing off the road into the park in front of the Victor (at 12th Street) and shooting the last bad guy in front of the Tides.

The episode ends here as Crockett and Tubbs walk off together, all is forgiven.




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C+T parked

As C+T were sitting in the car we see water behind them. Allot of that water would not be seen today as shortly after this filming, this water was filled in to make more land.



If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at:

Then we return to Brenda’s where the floats are empty and Brenda starts to push Sonny. Filmed at 3067 Jefferson St.

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As seen in Scarface

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