Original air date:  05/03/1985  

Filming dates: Wednesday 03/06/1985 through Thursday 03/14/1985.

The episode starts out in an old blimp hangar where a gun deal is going down. This was filmed at the Opa-tisha-woka-locka airport (or Opa-locka for short) in the South East corner of the airfield on Curtiss Lane.

The airport’s control tower can be seen in the distant background on the left side of the Hangar. This is the control tower at the “Nigerian” airport in the Burn Notice Pilot. This hangar and airport were also seen in the movie, Bad Boys.

As they are getting away we can see these apartments in the background. They are still there. This is one of the main clues that positively identified the exact location of the hangar.

Crockett and Tubbs are in a rare backup role. They are watching from a distance atop a warehouse to the south of the hangar. This building no longer exist but it was the General Dollar Stores warehouse located at 1 Eagle Plaza, Opa Locka Airport. Filming goof: When the car breaks out of the hangar you can see the top of the building clearly (if you watch in very slow motion) and Crockett and Tubbs are missing.

The limo breaks out of the Hangar by plowing thru a “police car”.  There is no plate or tag on the car, clearly a junk car. Then when Castillo arrives later to survey the scene, we see that there was not even a motor in the car. William Russ is driving the get away car. He played one of my all time favorite characters, the character Roger LoCocco in the Wiseguy series. In that series he had a scene similar to this one.

Then we see the standard season 1 opening montage. After the opening montage they are still at the blimp hangar.

The sun is setting as Castillo arrives. The car is still burning even though the fire department is there, standing around.

Then we go to the interior of the O.C.B. (studio set) where Stan identifies Guzman from their files.

Then we see Crockett doing some shooting at an indoor range.  This was filmed in stage D of Greenwich Studios.

At the range Crockett gets the Kern to hook him up with Kern’s supplier.  We cut to Guzman’s house where Crockett and Tubb’s are arriving. This was filmed on Sunset Island 2 in Miami Beach at 1727 W. 27th Street. This is the first of many times we see this residence used in Miami Vice.

In the script there is a scene that was cut from the final production that would have played in place of the shooting range scene. It is a bar called The Buzzrod. A dark bondage and dominance bar with allot of weirdness. In the script we see C+T meet with a middle man that leads them to Guzman. Click on the box below to go to the script page for Evan.

Then we see the exterior of the O.C.B., briefly, before going inside (studio set).

Then we go back to Guzman’s.

From there we go to Crockett’s marina where Evan shows up and pets Elvis and tells Crockett, there is a bullet out there with his name on it.

Then we return to the O.C.B.

From there we go to a night time driving scene who’s location eluded me for a long time and was not listed in the script. As I was preparing this page I took another stab at it and after some work I was able to locate where this scene was filmed, where Crockett dissolves the friendship with Tubbs. There were lots of clues such as the billboard that reads Abreu Auto Sales but so much time had passed that I could not find the location. At the end of the scene I saw a sign that reads– Gus Mata Auto Sales. A quick search on the Internet turned up their address but it did not look right. Not until I did a search on did I have any luck. They changed their address in 1999 but I was able to pull up an annual report from 1995.  The address was 3070 NW 36th Street in Miami. The scene starts on NW 36th Street at NW 32nd Ave. They are driving eastbound.  Crockett slams on the brakes and stops just before NW 31st Ave.

In the screen captures below I have increased the adaptive lighting so more of the background is visible.

Then we go to a junkyard. This was filmed at the Metro Iron and Metal Company, 3200 NW North River Drive in Miami. James Bond fans may recognize this location as it was used in the filming of Goldfinger a little more than 20 years earlier.

Then we go to a bar where Tubbs is about to take a woman home. This was filmed at Suzzanne’s in the Grove. 2843 S. Bayshore Dr. in Coconut Grove.

Then we go to the famous Evan Deco Garage. This was filmed at the Sunnyland Service Station. 1240 West Flaggler Street in Miami.


These three pictures are from 2005.

Then we return to the interior of the O.C.B. (Studio set) where Evan arrives, drunk and ask to be forgiven.  

Then we go to the Miami River for the midnight deal with Guzman. This was filmed at the U.S. Customs Seizure boat yard.  NW 22nd Ave. and NW 14th Street (south side of river).

Now it’s your turn.



Red arrow is where hangar was located.

Blue arrow is where control tower is located.

(seen in Burn Notice Pilot)

White arrow points to apartments seen in background.

Script Page




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If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at:

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add. please let me know at:

As seen in Goldfinger

25 54’ 05.51” N  80 15’ 39.54” W

25 48’ 10.50” N  80 08’ 44.10” W

25 46’ 45.17” N  80 11” 02.32” W

25 48’ 31.81” N  80 14’ 50.36” W

25 47’ 58.11” N  80 14’ 54.69” W

25 43’ 41.75” N   80 14’ 19.03” W

25 46’ 23.98” N  80 12’ 56.30” W

25 47’ 16.17” N

80 13’ 49.16” W


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