Then the opening montage ends by blending into the first Miami Scene (other than the interior of the club). Crockett standing in front of the Carlyle Hotel (1250 Ocean Dr.) says “5,000 street corners in greater Miami, and Gumby here has gotta pick ours”. At this point a huge location give away is seen. A street sign that reads, 13th St. which is where they are, 13th Street and Deco Drive.






Cut 4 is on Ocean Dr. northbound again but further south than cut 2. It starts at 7th Street and proceeds up past the Beacon and what is now Johnny Rockets. The Johnny Rockets location gained considerable fame in the re-make of the movie Scarface. The famous chainsaw scene was filmed there on the second floor which is now a modeling agency.

In the next scene they leave the Carlye and drive to the “59th Street bridge.” This is done in 16 cuts that are geographically mixed up but on television they appear fine to most people. The cuts take place on Ocean Drive and the MacArthur Causeway. The first cut is on the MacArthur Causeway headed eastbound. The second cut is on Ocean Drive headed northbound starting by the Breakwater Hotel (940 Ocean Drive). Even though they are headed north they are a couple of blocks south of where they started at the Carlyle. They are headed back to their starting point.

Cut 5 is on the MacArthur Causeway west of cuts 1+3 again headed eastbound. Cut 6 is also on the MacArthur Causeway further east, just west of the entrance to Star Island. Cut 7 is also on the MacArthur further east going up the bridge by the U.S.C.G. Station. Cut 8 still eastbound on the MacArthur Causeway but further west, back between where cuts 3+6 were filmed just of the entrance to Palm Island. In cut 9 they are eastbound on the MacArthur causeway between Palm and Star Islands. Cut 10 is back on the bridge by the Coast Guard station. Cut 11 is still on the MacArthur but back between Palm and Star Islands. Cuts 12,13, +14 progress further east on the MacArthur Causeway Bridge. Cut 15 is back on Ocean Drive in the 700 block passing the Starlight Hotel at 750 Ocean Dr. Then cut 16 returns to the causeway. Then they arrive under what was stated to be the 59th Street Bridge. They are actually at NW 13th Street and NW 1st Avenue, under the 395. In the background the Dade County Courthouse (tall building with the pointy roof) and the Stephen P. Clark Building (111 SW 1 Ave.) can be seen as the camera shoots to the south.

Just under 17 minutes into the Pilot, Crockett arrives at the restaurant where Eddie’s wife, Maria works. He is there to break the bad news to her. This was filmed on Collins Ave. at 8th Street (S.E. Corner). Now a Kenneth Cole store.

The buildings seen in the background are how I found this location.

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If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at:


Cut 3 is back on the MacArthur just east of where cut 1 was filmed.

Breakwater Hotel, 940 Ocean Drive

Edison Hotel. 960 Ocean Drive, South Miami Beach

North side of Edison in the background as they drive northbound past the Clevelander Hotel (1020 Ocean Dr.).

MacArthur Causeway

Cut:  5                                                   6                                                7                                           8

Cut:           9                                                10                                            11                                         12

Cut:          13                                            14                                           15                                            16

Cut 15 is the Starlite Hotel at 750 Ocean Drive.


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