The next scene is the famous Crockett riding with Leon scene. It starts as Leon walks out of a small restaurant with some takeout and goes to his car. This occurs in South Beach on Washington Ave. just north of 14th Street across from the Cameo Theater which still stands today. As Crockett talks to Leon, the Cameo can be seen in the background. They proceed south from here in a number of different cuts, some of which were not easy to figure out.  A fun challenge.

This is where Leon was parked

As Leon walks to his car we see one of many filming errors that occur in the pilot that were mostly absent in latter episodes. If you look past Leon as he walks you will see in the windows of the stores he passes the film crew being reflected in the windows of the stores. The camera is clearly seen being pulled along on tracks.

After they pull away from the curb the driving scene starts but magically they are no longer on Washington Ave. by 14th Street. In the first cut they are southbound on Collins Ave. at 7th Street.

The distinctive tiles on the wall of the building in the background is the major clue that helped me find this location.

After careful study I realized that the second and third cuts were filmed at the same location. The second cut they are now northbound past the same buildings, and in the third cut they return to being southbound in the same spot as cut 1.

In cut 4 they drive northbound on Collins Avenue past a supermarket that is today the Armani Exchange. Collins and 8th Street.

It has been replaced with a funky modern looking building that can be seen in the photo above. Center of picture, left side of intersection.

Cut 8 was not easy to figure out. Until I realized that the big letters seen behind Leon belonged to the sign extending down the Tropics Hotel. This cut starts at 15th Street and travels north up Collins Ave. past the Tropics Hotel.

Cut 11  is the third cut filmed on Collins Ave. just south of 5th Street.

Cut 11 is just a few feet south of where the other two cuts were shot.

These buildings are seen in the background.

Cut 10 is northbound on Collins Ave. between 16th Street and Lincoln Road.

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The next scene is at Caroline’s house where Crockett’s son is having a birthday party. I watched this several times before I realized that they used the same house for Caroline and for Federal Agent Scottie Wheeler. Keep reading to see where this house is located.

In the picture above the building seen behind Crockett has since been torn down.

Cut 9 is back down at the intersection of Collins Avenue and 5th Street.

Cut 7 is southbound on Collins Avenue starting at 5th Street.

Cut 6 starts at 9th Street and drives north past 10th Street on Collins Avenue.

Yellow= Leon walks out of diner

Green= Leon walks south to his car.

Purple= where his Mercedes was parked.

The A is on the Armani Exchange building. The yellow line shows the area driven by Leon in cut 4.

Next we see Tubbs arrive in Miami via Miami International Airport. I have no idea how he got all those guns on the plane (that we see him with later).

They drive by these buildings at the start of the cut.

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It took me a long time to figure out where cut 5 was filmed despite correctly suspecting it was somewhere on Collins Ave. In 1995 a new parking garage was built on this block including where the alley or street was located that we see Crockett and Leon pass about halfway thru the cut. This made it much more difficult to find.  Fortunately they were forced to keep the first floor exterior walls intact so the location can be confirmed. They drive southbound from 640 Collins Avenue to 624 Collins Avenue, what is today, Club Monaco. We see Crockett and Tubbs drive by this same location at the end of episode 25, Out Where The Buses Don’t Run.

As seen in Out Where The Buses Don’t Run.

Miami Vice

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