Original air date:  03/15/1985

The episode starts off in a modern looking house. There is a knock at the door and the house gets invaded by robbers. Thanks to Jamie Lynn from Coconut Grove, we now know that this was filmed on location at 8360 SW 114th Street, Miami.

This is the shortest teaser of season 1 running only 1 minute 50 seconds. Followed by the standard season 1 opening montage.

After the teaser we see the Vice Detectives meeting in the O.C.B. (Greenwich Studios, Stage A, set).  

Then the vice crew is drafted into the service of the robbery bureau. We see the gang headed into the robbery department that morning. This location had eluded me until March of 2007 when I was working on a location for the episode, Florence Italy and got lucky, finding this location right across the street. This was filmed at the Miami Dade College Wolfson Campus in Downtown Miami. NE 3rd Street by NE 2nd Ave.

The interior of the Robbery Bureau was set at Greenwich Studios.

The detectives finish their meeting then it cuts to the invaders doing some prep. work. This was filmed on Sunset Island # 1. In the area of N. View Drive and Lake Ave. The first house we see is 1405 N. View Dr. We will see this house again in episode 28, Junk Love.

Then we see them taking pictures of 1400 N. View Dr. and one of it’s residents. This house was seen in the background in episode 10, Give a Little, Take a Little.

This location was an easy find because this was one of the very rare times when we see the actual street signs clearly displayed.

Next we go inside the burglary crew’s hangout. This was filmed in Stage D at Greenwich studios.

Then we go back to the house seen in the teaser. Filmed on location at 8360 SW 114th Street, Miami.

From there we see Crockett driving at night on Collins Ave., headed north past Wolfies (at 21st Street).

Then by it again this time southbound. We saw this location earlier in episode 10, Give a little, Take a Little, and also in episode 11, Little Prince. We will see it again in Buddies, Florence Italy, Rock And A Hard Place as well as in the movie Bad Boys.

We then cut briefly to Castillo in his office (set) working hard reading reports, trying to piece something together.

Then it cuts back to Crockett who is now in an all night diner.  Not just any diner. The Iberia Cafe. This is where Eddie’s wife worked in the Pilot, Brother’s Keeper. Crockett went here to tell her that her husband, Eddie was dead. Now a Kenneth Cole store, Collins Ave at 8th street, Miami Beach.

Again it cuts back to Castillo still working in his office. Then back to Crockett, driving again. In the first cut he is driving northbound on Collins Avenue through the 2200 block. He passes the Campanile Building at 2218 Collins. The Campanile building is the only structure remaining now on this block and was built in 1927 as a residential property.

Then southbound on Collins Ave. by 20th Street.

Then back to Castillo burning the midnight oil in his office.

Back to Crockett talking to a street walker, facing north on Collins Ave. in the 1900 blk.

Then to Castillo again.

Then Crockett is talking to the desk clerk in a sobe hotel. This was filmed at 650 Ocean Drive. What is now the Casablanca South Beach. We will see this hotel again in episode 26, The Dutch Oven, where Sonny plays cards on the front porch and again in episode 97, Asian Cut.

Then it is daylight and Castillo and Crockett are together.  They enter a small jewelry store. The location was unknown for a long time until airtommy at miamiviceonline.com figured it out and let us know. This was filmed on location at 5818 Sunset Drive, South Miami.

Then it cuts to a bar with Gina and Trudy. Location unknown.

Next, the home invaders are at it again. Invading the home of an elderly couple. This was filmed on Palm Island with the MacArthur Causeway and Dodge Island seen in the background at some points. Thanks to airtommy at miamiviceonline.com, we now know that this was filmed at 94 Palm Avenue.

Then we go to a seedy hotel, room 404. This looks like a set but I have not had that confirmed yet. Location unknown but probably a set at the studio. The prostitute Lana, may look familiar as we just saw her in episode 16, Rites of Passage where she also played a prostitute. She hit on Crockett at the house party. She went on to play Samantha Thomas on Baywatch.

Then Castillo goes to the Robbery Bureau. This was a set at the studio.  Here they go over reports and questionnaires looking for a lead.

They get one.

It all starts at the hair emporium which is where we go next. Location unknown.

Then we see Gina walking out of the mall. This was filmed at the Bal Harbour Shops. 9700 Collins Ave., Bal Harbour.

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Then Washington Camera next door to the north. I took the picture below right in March of 2006 shortly before the Washington Camera building was torn down.

Then northbound over the same stretch.

Then we see Lana looking thru mug books at the police station. A set at Greenwich Studios.

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P2 Home Invaders

Then we see him northbound on Collins Avenue, Miami Beach. He is in the 1600 block traveling from about 1659 Collins Ave. up thru 1676 Collins Ave. Thanks to airtommy at miamiviceonline.com for figuring this out and letting us all know where this was filmed.

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