Original air date: 03/08/1985

The episode starts out with an establishing shot of the exterior of the Warsaw Ballroom. Then it cuts to the inside of the Warsaw Ballroom. This is currently the home of Jerry’s Famous Deli. Located on the NW corner of the intersection of Collins Ave. and Espanola Way. The first time I recall seeing this location on film is in the Frank Capra movie, A Hole In The Head, starring Frank Sinatra.

Inside we see Crockett and Tubbs involved with a sting on a counterfeit operation. Then it cuts outside and across the street to the Henrosa. Here Larry and Stan are providing back-up. The Henrosa was first seen in the Pilot, Brother’s Keeper. It was in the background during the alley scene where the hit man tries to kill Tubbs.

The signal is given and the police loudly move in. This results in Artie spraying gasoline over all the money and then tossing his lighter into the vapors. This may be the least realistic explosion of the series. Four small independent explosions go off at different locations, but no flames where the “gasoline” was spread.

The teaser ends with Larry rushing into the building and saving some of the “money” to use as evidence.

Then we see the standard season 1 opening montage.

Then we see Stan driving Larry home at night.  Thanks to airtommy at miamiviceonline.com we now know where these cuts were filmed. In the first cut we see them southbound in the 6600 block of Indian Creek Drive. Miami Beach.

They arrive at Larry’s home to find it gone, taken out by a gas explosion. The only item to survive is the gas bill.  Location unknown.

Larry’s ex is now Stan’s girlfriend, and she is moving in with Stan. Now Larry needs to stay with them. All at Stanley’s apartment. This was filmed at 7615 Harding Ave., Miami Beach.

Then we go to the O.C.B. interior (studio set).

From there Stan and Larry are on the case and we see them go to Bonzo Barry’s. This was filmed at 6448 S. Dixie Highway, now Pearl Arts and Craft Center. Recently the two automotive repair businesses in the background were torn down and replaced with a more modern building.  This Miami Vice landmark would be very difficult to find today with the destruction and remodeling that has occurred.


Then Stan and Larry visit Noogie at a strip club. Location unknown.

Then we see Izzy break into a pet store where Stan and Larry are waiting for him.  Location unknown. The exterior of the store has an address of 221 and may have been in South Beach.

Then we go to Costelada’s yatch. This is docked on the bay south of the Broad Causeway near NE 112th Street.

Next we return to Stanley’s apartment.

Then we see the crew loading the trunk of a car with electronics.  Location unknown.

Then we see Stan and Larry meeting with Noogie and Izzy to give them the electronics. This was filmed across from Greenwich Studios on NE 16th Ave. The brown building seen in the background here is the same building that was seen behind Artie when he called Crockett to set up the meet near the end of episode 2, Heart of Darkness.

Then its back to Bonzo Barry’s on S. Dixie Hwy.

The interior was filmed at 65 NW 9th Street, Miami. Tom71 at miamiviceonline.com directed me to copies of the call sheet that can be viewed at miamiviceonline.com. They revealed the address for this scene (scene #62).

Then we return to Costelana’s boat on the bay by NE 112th Street.  

After that we return to the O.C.B. where the camera man has a rare opportunity to be seen in front of the camera (posing as the janitor).

Then it cuts to Stanley’s apartment where Stan is feeling guilty about booting Larry.

Then it cuts back to the O.C.B. where Izzy and Noogie are pulled from the case. Filmed on studio set.

Then it cuts back to the strip club.

Then we see Noogie and Izzy go to a construction site and check out a cement truck. This was filmed on the south bank of the Miami River at S. Miami Ave. They are in the same lot that was used in Smuggler’s Blues.  Where Trudy was tied to a bomb in a trailer, parked in this lot.

Then we cut to Barry’s office. Likely a set but location unknown. Barry calls Mr. C from his office. Mr. C. is riding in his car. The background all appears to be within 10 blocks of downtown but so far the location of the first 3 of the 5 cuts is unknown. The last 2 cuts were filmed in the 100 block of NW 3rd Street while traveling westbound.

Then we see Noogie and Izzy back at the construction site at S. Miami Ave.  We get a good view of the Bank Of America Tower being built, further along than in the earlier episodes.

Next we see Stan and Larry lean on Mr. Gold. This was filmed on NW 1 Ave. at NW 10th Street. More recently we see this location used in Burn Notice. In episode 29, Friends and Family we see Michael waiting here and then being picked up by Rufino Cortez. Some time between Miami Vice and Burn Notice they changed the route of the metro-rail, extending it.

As seen in Burn Notice

Then we go to a drive in theater. Location unknown.

Then we go to Stanley’s place before going to Costelana’s boat.  

Then we return to the strip club for Noogie’s wedding. Here Stan thanks his buddy and the episode ends. Location unknown.

Blue arrow points to the Henrosa.

Red arrow points to the Warsaw Ballroom.




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The Home Invaders.

Unknown location

Building seen in background.

Followed right away with another goof: C+T duck behind a pallet of money for cover. Then we see what is suppose to be bullets hitting the money sending some airborne. Only problem is that no one was shooting at them at the time. The only armed bad guy at the time had a shotgun that was jammed and could not shoot bullets even if it were not.

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While there we see some of Stan’s Elvis memorabilia including this famous poster. It is from the 1956 concerts in (Stan was just a baby at the time) Jacksonville Florida. This was at the height of Elvis' sex appeal craziness and a Judge, Marion Gooding actually sat thru the shows with unsigned warrants ready to sign them and have Elvis arrested if he gyrated his hips for and aft.

Actual poster from 1956

Select photos from the August 10 and 11th, 1956 shows at the Florida Theater that Stan’s poster advertises.

Elvis arrives via the alley

The crowd

Elvis   and the    reaction.

Elvis with Judge Gooding

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         Miami Vice
       Episode 18
Made For Each Other

The cut starts in front of 6770 Indian Creek Drive.

Cut 1 stops at the south end of 6620 Indian Creek Drive.

Then we see them in the second cut headed southbound in the 7200 block of Abbott Avenue on Miami Beach.

Then, in the third cut they are back on Indian Creek Drive about 150 yards south of where we saw them in the first cut. Again going southbound.