Miami Vice

Episode 8


Original air date:  11/16/1984

The episode starts off with the vice cops responding to a bank robbery. This was filmed on location at 800 Brickell Ave. in Miami. We also see this location (in the background) in the Movie Absence Of Malice.

Crockett see someone running into a nearby building and they give pursuit. Only in real life this is not a nearby building, it is about 13 blocks away on the other side of the Miami River. This part was filmed at the Stephen P. Clark Center, 111 NW 1st Street Miami.  

Besides the unique layout of the building the best clue to this location was the building we see in the background through the window. This looks like a church but ends up being the Historical Museum Of Southern Florida (Something About Mary filming site).

Then we see the opening montage. It is the third version of the montage that is seen in Miami Vice and it is the same as we saw in episodes 5,6, and 7. It is the last time we see this exact version.

Act 1 opens in the police station. This was filmed on a set at Greenwich Studios.

Then Tubbs goes out and gets himself an introduction to McCarthy. This was filmed at what was the Ortega property better known as the grounds of Richard Nixon’s winter White House. (Same property, different, newer house.)

Miami Vice uses this property in numerous episodes (Calderone’s Demise, Golden Triangle 2, Yankee Dollar) and it was also used as Frank Lopez’s house in the second Scarface movie (1983, the one with Al Pacino) as well as in the movie, The Specialist.

485/490 West Matheson Dr., Key Biscayne.

In this screen capture you can see the Nixon floating helipad in the background.

Next they pay a visit to Giff, who they just saw with Louie McCarthy. This is a distinctive office but not enough is seen here to identify it’s location. Location unknown.

Then we go to McCarthy’s upscale clothing store. Location unknown. If you recognize either of these locations please let me know at

Then Crockett tags along on Tubb’s date the next day. This was filmed at 28 Harbor Point Dr., Key Biscayne. We will see this location used again in: Yankee Dollar, Payback, Trust Fund Pirates and in the background in Sons and Lovers.

Then we see Crockett, Tubbs and Castillo meet in the woods. Location unknown. There is a pretty good chance since they filmed extensively on Key Biscayne for this episode that this scene was filmed in Bill Baggs State Park but I have not been able to confirm this.

Next we see Crockett and Tubbs on McCarthy’s boat. This scene was filmed at night and not enough is seen to determine it’s location. Location unknown.

Then we return to 28 Harbor Point Dr., Key Biscayne for a party.

Then Crockett bets his Ferrari against entrance into the Bimini and back race on a game of eight ball. This was filmed in the same house. They have since changed that room into a lounge and converted a different room into the game room.

After the party and Gifford’s death we go to the interior of the O.C.B. (Studio set).

This leads us to a hotel where the rest of the Vice Squad is taking down a professor who is dealing in snow. This was also filmed on Key Biscayne. On Ocean Dr. at Galen Dr., what is now the Ritz-Carlton.

Next, we see a quick establishing shot of downtown Miami from the Port of Miami. Then Tubbs in bed with Vanessa. This looks like a set to me, and the bed we see again in another episode in another house (Definitely Miami, safe house).

Then we are out on the water just off shore from the Ortega residence. Where is the number 5 entry? Well, they are up in Aventura, Florida going by the Turnberry on the Intra Coastal Waterway.

Then they pass under the William Lehman Causeway.

They race thru Stiltsville and into the bay with the freedom tower in the background.

They race out toward the ocean by Watson and Dodge Islands.

Footage from filming this scene is used in most opening montages but it is not this footage that we see here. They use different footage in the opening montage.

Back by Stiltsville.

Through Biscayne park past what is likely Elliott Key

Then up the Miami Beach coast.

Into the Intra Coastal Waterway through Haulover cut.

Then it jumps to just off Key Biscayne where Crockett, Tubbs, and Zito win the race, all without ever leaving the coast let alone going to Bimini.

Then McCarthy and crew get busted at the Ortega house. This house has bad luck. First Frank Lopez gets shot. Then another drug runner buys the house and is arrested smuggling drugs there less than one year later.

Then we see another view from Dodge Island, this time of the port bridge before panning south thru downtown. Then it cuts to Crockett and Gina at Crockett’s marina where Moreno shows up with the murder weapon and the story.

We go to Vanessa house.  Location unknown. This may have been filmed at 20 Harbor Point, Key Biscayne but I have not been able to confirm this yet.  Here the episode ends with Tubbs doing what he has to do.




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As seen in Definitely Miami.

Then we see a quick shot of the Venetian Causeway and Miami Herald area from the south east.

The race starts as all of a sudden the vice team is approaching Key Biscayne and the starting line.

Then we see them southbound down the Intra Coastal Waterway but they are north of Haulover cut where they entered the I.C.W. 4 miles north despite being headed south. They are passing 196th Street.

It cuts and they are still southbound in the I.C.W. but they are 3.6 miles north of where we just saw them. Now they are in Hollywood passing thru South Lake with Hollywood Beach in the background.

Then southbound under the William Lehman Causeway (192nd Street).

Then we see the same nighttime shot of downtown Miami from Dodge Island that we saw earlier. Then we cut to Vanessa’s where Tubbs is visiting. Location unknown.

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The Great McCarthy

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at:

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If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at:

Some of these cuts were shot off Key Biscayne. Others, with backgrounds consisting of forested shorelines, were not. Note the different water color, cloud cover, sky color, etc. I believe these were filmed off the coast of Homestead in the area of Adam’s Key.

Crane seen in background is likely at Turkey Point Nuclear Station.

Then past Adam’s Key. Thanks to Airtommy at for his detective work in locating this filming location.

We see the boat disappear behind a small island and reappear further ahead. This looks like it was filmed in the same area around Adam’s Key but not enough is seen to determine the exact location.