Miami Vice

Episode 9



Original air date:  11/30/1984

This episode starts with a very interesting teaser in that it uses stock footage and was filmed in as many as 3 states. Miami Vice famous for using on location Miami area filming let us down here. Update: Thanks to daytona365 @ we now know that this footage was borrowed from the 1981 movie, Nighthawks with Sylvester Stallone.Thank you daytona365 for your great work and sharing the information.


Thanks to AirTommy from We know this was filmed on East 5th Street, Los Angeles, CA. Thanks to daytona365 also @ we also now know that this is footage taken from Starsky and Hutch. Season 4, episode 2, “The Game”. I had long wondered from where was this footage taken and now know,  so thanks again daytona365.

Then we see Stan’s (not Switek) Books and Movie Arcade.  Followed by Nude Wrestling at a 1111 address. Then Carnitas El Rey next door. All three of these are next door to each other in the 1100 block of North Western Ave., Los Angeles.

Then we see Cindy’s Love Inn with an address of 650.  I will have to spend some more time tracking this down because I have not found it yet. I believe it is in downtown L.A.  

Then we see another store front that looks like L.A.  This long unknown location was found by daytona365 @ Thanks again daytona365. Footage filmed at 1191 N. Western Ave. LA.

Then we see a police van drive by and it has the L.A. County seal on it and says Los Angeles Police Department on the side. It is driving westbound on East 5th Street past where we saw it parked earlier. Also from Starsky and Hutch.

Then we see a street walker approach a car. This is the first cut filmed in Miami. It was filmed on the north east corner of 39th Street and Biscayne Blvd. in Miami.

The next cut was also filmed at Biscayne Blvd. and 39th Street, but this time on the west side of Biscayne looking south.


Then it is back to East 5th Street (L.A.). Lorane Hotel, 241 E. 5th Street.  Adrian, Rocky and Paulie stayed in this hotel in Rocky III.

Then we go inside the hotel room. This was filmed on a set (one of the offices) at Greenwich Studios Miami. I discovered this when watching this episode right after taking a tour of the studio. In the screen capture below note the stairs visible over Switek and the support pole for the second floor walkway next to Zito.

Then we see the opening montage. It changes slightly in this episode. It remains 1 minute long but some segments are shortened slightly to place fly over water scenes between Bal Harbour Cut and the Parrot and also between the Greyhound and Flagship National Bank of Miami.

After the opening montage we are outside the Dade County Court House on the metrorail station to the north west of the court house. Then we go inside. I believe they are on the sixth floor but can’t confirm this yet.

Then we go back to the interior of the hotel room (set) before going to the O.C.B. (set) next door in Stage A

Then we go to Harry’s to track down Bramlette. First we see establishing exterior shots and then we go inside. Location unknown.

There they get a lead that he may be at Okeechobee Springs out in the Glades. C+T head out in the Ferrari. The first shot was filmed on the Venetian Causeway in Miami.

Then they show them driving on Alligator Alley in the Glades.

Then we see a short wooded stretch where they are driving along. They are headed away from Jimbo’s and all though not visible in these frames the dirt road to the No Exit test fire beach is in the background opposite where the road turns to the left.

Goof: This cut leaves me wondering who switched their fishing poles? In the first shot they did not have any poles in the car but you could say they had not picked them up yet. Then we see them driving along with what looks like trolling rods that are clearly white. We see these rods in several shots. Now for the first time we see them with what appear to be casting rods that are clearly not white but a dark brown or black. They are also no longer behind Crockett’s seat but in the middle of the car.

Then we land at the famous Jimbo’s on Virginia Key.

Then we go for a drive thru the woods. This is likely Virginia Key but there is not enough to go on to pin it down for sure.

Crockett says they made an error in judgement. Not their best or smartest police work as they are left in the swamp.

They are found and brought to a small Boston Whaler that brings them up an unknown small Bayou to Pa Ryan’s house where they find Bramlette.  This looks like a fake house built for the show.

As Crockett and Tubbs walk into the house you can see their reflections as they approach. This is a filming mistake caused by the sheeting placed outside the door to help equalize the light between inside and outside the house.

Then we go to the house where they are holding Bramlette’s daughter.  I believe this was on Virginia Key also but is no longer in existence.

Then we return to the Ryan’s place to make a plan.

Then we see Jimbo’s again, before returning to Pa Ryan’s.  Then its back to Jimbo’s where Bill can’t figure out what is wrong with his new Chevy, it has only got about 2,000 miles on it. Well part of the problem might be he doesn’t know the difference between a Chevy and a Toyota, that they show.

Then we go to where they are holding Bramlette’s daughter. It then cuts back to Pa Ryan’s where they make plans for a dawn attack. Then they go back and forth between the bad guys house and Jimbo’s. Then the plane lands and docks at Jimbo’s.

The gun fight begins.

Tubbs and crew take care of the dock (jimbo’s) and Crockett and crew rescue the girl.

Then we go back to the Dade County Court House in Miami where the episode ends.




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Then we see an old man sitting on a Los Angeles bus stop bench. Exact location in L.A. unknown.

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If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at:

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at:

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As seen in Nighthawks.