Original air date: 12/07/1984

The teaser starts with a quick shot that was hard to identify.  AirTommy from found this location (07/10/2010).  Part of the reason it was hard to find is that the location is in Chicago. 909 Rush Street. Wonder where they dug up that footage.

Then the teaser continues with a series of quick cuts. We see the sign for Gayety Burlesque which was on Collins Ave in Sobe.

Then we see the inside of a club. This building still exist and looks pretty much as it did in the 80’s. It is now called Club Ache and is on Calle Ocho (SW 8th St.) at SW 36th Ave. in Miami. This location was found by DanJ. In the episode they refer to it as Club Ocho.

Then we see a clip that was filmed in Los Angeles. The addresses are 5507 and 5511. The bench advertises a business at Franklin Ave and N. Western Ave. Confirming it is in L.A. An investigation of the area quickly revealed this was filmed on Hollywood Blvd.

Then we see Biscayne General which was located at 202 N. Biscayne Blvd.

Le Sex Shoppe

The rail is now the RelAx Pub.

Then we go to Miami,  Biscayne Blvd. at NE 39th Street.

Same footage of the bum on the bench that we saw in Glades.  Location unknown.

Then we see Gina and Trudy enter a lingerie shop.  This was filmed on Espanola Way near the Clay Hotel.  428 Espanola Way, Miami Beach.

Then we see a street walker kick a car at Biscayne Blvd. and NE 35th Ter. in Miami.

Then it is back to the lingerie store on Espanola Way where we see Gina and Trudy wrap up their shopping and leave.

Then it is back to the bum on the bench who is now eating a donut.  This was filmed in L.A.

Then its back to Collins Ave. between 20th Street and 21st Street (west side) for the Gayety. Sadly this landmark has been torn down along with wolfie’s.

Then there is a guy outside the gayety on roller skates and crutches.

Then it cuts to Los Angeles again.  1100 block of N. Western Ave.

Then we see Crockett and Tubbs walking the streets. This was also shot on Espanola Way. They are walking eastbound on the north side of the street and cross to the south side right about where Gina and Trudy were in the lingerie store.

Then they pay Noogie a visit. I am 99% sure this was filmed in room 12 of the Clay Hotel on Espanola Way.  Which is the direction they were headed.

The arched design definitely matches up with how the Clay looked in the 80’s.

This leads into the opening montage. This is the 5th version of the montage that we see. The opening montage changes slightly in this episode. It returns the greyhounds and water to their places and keeps the water clip added in version 4.

After the montage they have an establishing, exterior shot of the O.C.B./Gold Coast Shipping. This is reused footage from Cool Runnin’.

Cool runnin’

Then we are inside the O.C.B. (Greenwich Studios Set) for a briefing before hitting the streets. Next we are on the street outside the Concord. The scene starts from an elevated camera shot on Collins Ave at 20th Street looking south on the east side of Collins Ave. The scene revolves around Concord Electronics that was on the SE corner of Collins Ave. and 20th Street. This is now a store called Atrium.

Next we go to the warehouse that according to the dialog was on 22nd street where the Noogman reported that the drugs were stashed. This was actually filmed on the Miami River, NW North River Road at SW 1st Street.

Where Crockett and Tubbs are watching from I am not sure. It may be at the same location but I have not been able to find the exact spot.

From the view point we get as they walk in it looks likely they were watching from the area we see in the background. It seems to match up including the stairs going up the outside of the building. When I was there and took the photo below right in July of 2006, that part of the building including the stairs was already gone.

“Look at the bottom. That is jail. That is where you are going.”

Lucky for Crockett the guy doesn't just push him in the water and take off which is what would have happened in real life.

Then we go back to Club Ocho that we saw briefly in the teaser.

Then we see Tubb’s and Crocket in Tubb’s Cadillac. I believe this is the first time we see the Cadi. When we first see them they are on Sunset Island 1 turning from Lake Ave. onto W 29th Street. Thanks to Airtommy at for finding this location.

They pull into the driveway of the house at the entrance to Sunset Island 1. 1360 North View Drive, Miami Beach.

Alvarado gives them an unfriendly greeting and crashes out of the garage in his Bronco. He takes off east bound and heads over the bridge to Miami Beach.

Then we see him driving thru a curvy, serpentine section of road. This was filmed on North Bay Road at West 27th Street.

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