Then we see them driving off of Sunset Island 4 on Sunset Dr. at N. Bay Rd.

Then it cuts to Watson Island where they are driving by Chalk Airlines.

Up the service rd. except for one cut that is on Ocean Dr. and along the vintage MacCarthur Causeway.

Then we see them driving north on Ocean Drive between 8th and 9th Streets while the Bronco drives thru the park along the road. The Bronco crashes into a cart and stops at 9th Street.

Then it cuts to Club Ocho.

Then we go to Sally Alvarado’s attorney’s office. The exterior was filmed at 333 South Hope Street, Los Angeles, CA. The interior may be a set.

Then we go to Bobbie’s house for some of the worst acting ever. Location unknown. The whole thing looks like a set.

Next we go inside the O.C.B. (set).

Then we go to the Dade County Court House Court Room. Most likely the sixth floor.

Then its back to Bob’s house.

Then we see Crockett in jail which was a set.

Next we go to Ramirez’s house. This was filmed on Hibiscus Island.

Photos by DanJ

Then we see Gina going to meet Trudy for lunch. The Cameo theater on Washington Ave. at Espanola Way is seen in the background.

Gina walks into the Clay.

Then we cut to the O.C.B. Where we see Crockett has been released from jail.

Then we go back to Ramirez’s where Gina at a loss for words decides to sleep with Ramirez instead of blowing her cover because she could not think of what to say or do.

Next we go to a park where C+T meet with Trick Baby and Noogie.  Location unknown. If you know where this was filmed please let me know at

Then we see C+T on the Rickenbacker Causeway. Reused footage from Hit list.

Then we see Trudy arrive at Gina’s apartment. Not enough is seen of her apartment in this scene to determine its location but that will change later in the episode. This was filmed at 1215 Meridian Ave. South Beach.

Then they show the Daytona crossing over Brickell Ave. while traveling fast on S.E. 15th Road. This is footage reused from Hit list.

Then we return to Gina’s place where we see the exterior.  This was filmed at 1215 Meridian Ave. South Beach.

After seeing C+T one more time on 15th Road in Miami, they pull up on SoBe at 12th street just before Meridian on the south side of Gina’s building. In the background you can see the address of 742 above a door.

Sure shot Trudy nails Cinco who was trying to escape.

Then we go back to Club Ocho where they arrest Alvarado.

Red points to Cameo

Green points to Clay

Blue arrow points to Gina’s apartment.

Red arrow points to where C+T pull up.

This leads us to Ramirez’s house again. The interior is the same house on Hibiscus Island, but the exterior is that of 10337 Broadview Drive in the Bay Harbor Islands of the Broad Causeway.

The episode ends here. Probably the worst episode of season 1, but a great episode for locations.





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