Original air date: 12/14/1984

Then it quickly fades to reused footage from Give a Little, Take A Little of Biscayne General which was located at 202 N. Biscayne Blvd. A new building sits on that property now.

Then we get a quick shot of the Wolfie’s sign at Collins and 21st Street, and then the 21st Street Cinema.

Then we see the Gayety 1 from Give a Little, Take A Little. Followed by the Bar sign at the club on the NW corner of Collins and 20th Street.

Then we see new footage of The Gayety 2 on Collins Ave. Followed by re-used footage from Give A Little, Take A Little of a guy standing on Collins by the Gayety 1.

Then it shows Gina and Trudy’s feet walking down Collins by the Gayety, the Gayety and Gino’s Garden and the Greystone Hotel.

Then we see re-use of the same footage from Give A Little, Take A Little where the bus drives by the Gayety.

Gino’s Garden 1906 Collins between 19th and 20th Streets.

Then we see Gina and Trudy walking down the street by the Gayety looking like Trudy needs a fix, bad. They turn into the alleyway at the south end of Gino’s.

Switek and Zito loose them and call for help.  Crockett and Tubbs respond. We see them southbound on Ocean Drive passing Leon’s apartment from the pilot. The Amsterdam Palace.  The Victor is in the background.

Then they spot Royco at an outdoor Cafe. Royco is a junkie who will know where the closest drug den is. Thanks to Davros we now know that this was filmed in Little Havana. They are on the SE corner of the intersection of West Flagler Street and SW 12th Avenue. We saw this same location used in the movie, Absence of Malice.

Then we see Royco running. This was filmed on South Beach. Royco turns from Espanola Way onto Collins Court and heads south.

Royco is tackled by an empty banana box and then tries to escape up a fire escape. Tubbs grabs him. This was also filmed on Collins court just south of Espanola Way.

Then  we go to the Glades Hotel room 419. This appears to be a set at Greenwich Studios. Sonny reveals there is no fire escape. Quintessential Crockett line, very funny.

Then we have the opening montage. It is the same as the one for 9 Glades except they drop the water flyover after the greyhounds.

After the opening montage we are in the studio on the set of the O.C.B. and the interrogation room.

Then we go to the polo grounds. I am 95% sure this was filmed on Key Biscayne in Crandon Park.

Then we go to Jorgenson’s home. This was filmed on Star Island,  #42.

Then we are in the O.C.B. (set). Tubbs gets a lead from a wire tap and heads out.

He goes to a warehouse area. This was filmed about 700 NW 1st Ave. All the buildings we see at this location were torn down to make way for a sports arena that has since also been torn down.

After finding a pile of drugs they decide to watch the stash. Tubbs picks out the Miami Rescue Mission at 716 N. Miami Ave. for the surveillance point.

Then we see Crockett at a records office.  Location unknown.  The exterior set up shot may be in Los Angeles.

Then we go back to the stakeout, then to the records office, then back to the stake out, back to the records office, back to the stakeout, to the records office again and finally back to the stakeout where the players arrive.

The bust goes down. Tubbs transports Mary McDermott who is under arrest in his Cadillac. Location unknown.

Then we go to Jorgenson’s house on Star Island.

From there we go to what is suppose to be the exterior of the O.C.B. This was filmed on SW 3rd Ave. just south of 5th Street.

Then we go inside the studio to the police station set.

From there Mark rides home with Mary in the limo. The background is blurry but it looks like the MacArthur Causeway.

Then we go under Interstate 95 to find Mary’s body. This was filmed at the end of SW 3rd Ave. at Jose Marti Park.

Then we go to Jorgenson’s house.

The father confesses and the son takes off.

We see the son hitchhiking on a rural road. This may have been filmed by Crandon Park on Key Biscayne but I have not confirmed that yet.

Location unknown.  


Green arrow points to the metrorail station that is seen in the background

Purple arrow points to the area where we see Tubbs at start of scene.

Blue arrow points to where the warehouse was.

Red arrow points to where rescue was where they set up surveillance.

The black arrow is approximately where the road was.




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Milk Run

The episode starts out with a shot of a street person in the 20 block of Collns Avenue.

After Vice filmed here we have seen Burn Notice use this same location in episode 66, No Good Deed. The movie, All About The Benjamins also used this same location.

All About The Benjamins

No Good Deed

If you recognize any of the unknown locations, or have something else to add, please let me know at cglide@floridamovielocations.org

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

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 Miami Vice
 Episode 11
Little Prince

They are driving westbound on West Flagler Street and turn left, southbound onto SW 12th Avenue.

As seen in Absence Of Malice