Miami Vice

Opening Montages

         Season 3


The season 3 opening montages has some variations, keeping it interesting but not nearly as much as the first two seasons.  They also came much earlier in the episodes as the teasers were on an average 46 seconds shorter than in the first two seasons.  The average length of a season 3 teaser is four minutes 13 seconds.

All of the season 3 Miami Vice logos are backlit with an intense, vibrant white as opposed to the earlier pinks and oranges.

The Miami goes through various shades and intensities of green while the Vice varies between shades of purple and shades of blue

45: When Irish Eyes Are Crying

46: Stone’s War

47: Killshot

48: Walk Alone

49: The Good Collar

50: Shadow In The Dark

51: El Viejo

52: Better Living Through Chemistry

53: Baby Blues

54: Streetwise

55: Forgive Us Our Debts

56: Down For The Count Part 1

57: Down For The Count Part 2

58: Cuba Libre

59: The Savage/ Duty And Honor

60: Theresa

61: The Afternoon Plane

62: Lend Me An Ear

63: Red Tape

64: By Hooker By Crook

65: Knock Knock... Who’s There

66: Viking Bikers From Hell

67: Everybody’s In Showbiz

68: Heroes Of The Revolution

Season three had only two versions of the opening montage.  They were the same with the exception of one segment.  It was either a clip of Bal Harbour from the cut down or a shot of the Testarossa on Collins Avenue headed north past the Fontainebleau from episode 47, Killshot.  All the other segments were the same and in the same order.  There was some switching of the montages due to the order in which they decided to run the episodes.

                Version A

7th overall version seen in the series

                Version B

8th overall version seen in the series


45 When Irish Eyes Are Crying

46 Stone’s War

51 El Viejo

54 Streetwise


47 Killshot

48 Walk Alone

49 The Good Collar

50 Shadow In The Dark

52 Better Living Through Chemistry

53 Baby Blues

55 Forgive Us Our Debts

56 Down For The Count Part 1

57 Down For The Count Part 2

58 Cuba Libre

59 The Savage

60 Theresa

61 The Afternoon Plane

62 Lend Me An Ear

63 Red Tape

64 By Hooker By Crook

65 Knock, Knock... Who’s There

66 Viking Bikers From Hell

67 Everybody’s In Showbiz

68 Heroes Of The Revolution

Shortest teaser of season 3: Forgive Us Our Debts.

Longest teaser of season 3: Cuba Libre.

Average length of season 3 montage: 4:13

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