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Season 2

I will start season two as I did season 1. With a study of the Miami Vice logo. They keep it interesting as the changes or variations continue with the season premiere, episode 23, Prodigal Son. They raise the position of the logo on the screen slightly from it’s season 1 position.

23: Prodigal Son

Where episodes 5 thru 22 had Miami in gray, episode 23 gets more colorful and has Miami in a teal green. Vice goes to Purple and we retain the backlighting but it is far thinner in this episode.

24: Whatever Works

Miami switches to green like we saw in episodes 2,3, and 4. Vice returns to pink and the pink backlighting returns to a bolder, brighter light.

25: Out Where The Buses Don’t Run

The backlighting has more of an orange tint.

26: The Dutch Oven

Miami switches to gray with perhaps a tint of green. Vice goes purple and the backlighting is thin again.

27: Buddies

Vice returns to pink and the backlighting returns to being bolder and brighter.

28: Junk Love

29: Tale Of The Goat

30: Bushido

31: Bought And Paid For

Vice is now a peach color and the backlighting is orange.

32: Back In The World

Miami returns to gray and the backlighting returns to pink.

33: Phil The Shill

34: Definitely Miami

35: Yankee Dollar

36: One Way Ticket

37: Little Miss Dangerous

38: Florence Italy

39: French Twist

40: The Fix

41: Payback

42: Free Verse

43: Trust Fund Pirates

44: Sons And Lovers

Slight blue tint

Miami is now dark gray.

Shortest teaser of season 2: French Twist

Longest teaser of season 2: Florence Italy

Average length of season two teasers:  4:59

Unlike season 1, season two ran the same opening montage sequence the entire season. In episode 23 they took the “standard” season 1 opening montage (from Glades) and changed it slightly by replacing the Flagship National  Bank segment (16) with the pan of the south side of the court house (17). Everything else (except of course the title logo colors) remained the same. They then ran with this same montage through out the season.


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