Original air date:  01/11/1985

The episode starts off with Crockett and Tubbs acting as hotel security.

They rush up to where a drugged out man is attacking his wife. This was all filmed at Turnberry Isle in Aventura.

Then we see the standard season 1 opening montage.

Then we go to Maceo Park (according to sign) where Crockett and Tubbs meet with Lt. Castillo in the cafe next door. The cafe was Los Parados and is now Romo the restaurant. Today the park is called Maximo Gomez Park on Calle Ocho (8th Street) by 15th Ave. (Domino Park).

Then we return to the hotel. To the pool where Crockett is nice enough to apply sun tan lotion on the back of a working girl.  This was all filmed at Turnberry Isle.

After busting her we see Crockett, Tubbs, Castillo and the prostitute in an interrogation room at the police station.  This was filmed on set at Greenwich Studios.

Then we see an establishing shot of Turnberry Isle, before going inside to the security desk where Crockett is hard at work. This may possibly have been filmed at Turnberry but I think it was much more likely a set a Greenwich Studios. Location unsure, but likely a set.

Then we go to the Turnberry’s pool area where we see two bad guys at the pool bar, and Tubbs is pretending to be running a string of prostitutes at the hotel.

Then we see Candy leaving the Turnberry. She is followed by the two bad cops. They are followed by Crockett and Tubbs.

We see them driving at night. They turn from eastbound on 12th Street in Miami Beach to southbound on Deco/Ocean Dr.

Then we see Candy turn westbound from Deco Dr. onto 11th Street. The Revere Hotel (Now Gone) is seen in the background. There she is stopped by the two plain cloths police officers at the alley way (Ocean Ct.).

Crockett and Tubbs stop on Ocean Dr. and stand by while Candy is roughed up.

Next we go to Bayside Marina to the St. Vitus Dance. There two of the bad guys show up and offer to include Crockett and Tubbs in on a score, the vault.

Then we go to the O.C.B. Interior (set) where we learn the identification of one of the men, Albert Szarbo who has a criminal history, every felony but burglary.

Then we return to the Turnberry where Crockett sees Candy working again.

This leads us to the vault area (believed to be a set) where Crockett is telling Tubbs about what just occurred. Candy walks in with the keys to Szarbo’s car. They go to a parking garage to check out what is in the car. This may have been filmed at the Turnberry but I have not confirmed that.  Location unknown.

Then we see them all walking out and they meet “Mr. Ross.” one of the bad cops that had beaten up Candy in the alley. This was filmed at Turnberry Isle.

After Candy steps forward and saves the day the deal is on. Then it cuts to the next day. Still at Turnberry, we go inside to the vault (believed to be a set).

Then we see Crockett and Tubbs arriving at the O.C.B.  We see a somewhat rare shot as they approach from the north driving over the Miami River on the SW 2nd Ave. bridge and then turn into Gold Coast Shipping.

Then we see them inside the O.C.B. (Greenwich Studios).

From there we go to the vault where the crooks break in without Crockett and Tubbs knowing.

Then we go to the crook’s dive hotel.  This was the Sunny Days Motel located at 65th Street and Biscayne Blvd. in Miami. The interior was likely a set, location unsure.  There we see the two Burglars killed by a masked person.

Then we go to Ross’ house. Here They arrest Ross for Murder. He claims he was there at the motel but he is not a murderer.  

This location was unknown for a long time, but thanks to Beach_Vice at miamiviceonline.com it is no longer unknown. 12635 NE Miami Place. 

From there we go to the O.C.B. Where Castillo learns one of the burglars was Thai. This leads him to the morgue (also set at Greenwich Studios).

Then we see Tubbs, Crockett and Castillo looking for a Thai assassin. They first stop at 2250 NE 163rd Street at Biscayne Blvd. in North Miami. The Thai House 2 which has since had a “face lift”.

Then we see Castillo and Tubbs walk into the China Palace Restaurant at 8001 Biscayne Blvd.

Then we see Castillo and Tubbs approach another Thai Restaurant. This location was unknown for a long time but thanks to the great work of airtommy at miamiviceonline.com we now know that this was filmed on location at Wong’s Chinese Restaurant. 12420 Biscayne Blvd. Miami. The Voyager Motel is barely seen in the background. The two pictures below I took while making re-creation shots for French Twist. In French Twist we see Tubbs race by here in the Cadillac. That footage is reused in Vote Of Confidence and Deliver Us From Evil.

Then Tubbs and Castillo try the last place and find their guy. This was filmed at Strawberry,  755 E. 9th Street in Hialeah, Fl. Now a Wellmax Medical Center.

Castillo chases the killer out the back of the restaurant. This was filmed about 40 yards from the north end of the east side of 755 East 9th Street. The door has since been changed.

Next we return to the O.C.B.  Here we learn of Castillo’s wife and that the story will be continued in the next episode, Golden Triangle part 2.

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Golden Triangle.



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If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org

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    Miami Vice
    Episode 13
Golden Triangle
        Part 1
    AKA Score

Followed by Crockett in front of yet another restaurant. This location eluded me for years but thanks to Peter who is a fan of this site and use to frequent this restaurant, we now know that this was filmed on location at Fu Manchu, 325 71st Street, Miami Beach.

As seen in French Twist

Voyager Motel is no longer there.

Store/restaurant fronts have been remodeled and looks different now.

In the next cut we see the man running northbound along the east side.

Then he rounds the NE corner.

Then we see Castillo chasing northbound along the east side toward the NE corner.

He rounds the corner and chases westbound down the rear of the complex (north side).

Castillo catches up at the NW corner of the complex. Even the cracks in the wall seen in the background are still there as of April 2018.

C+T arrive northbound along the west side despite Tubbs having cut through the passageway to the rear of the restaurant.

Castillo wins the fight against the assassin.



The underside of the overhang is the only remaining unmodified section of the building.

Castillo sends Tubbs back through the restaurant to head him off. He meets Crockett arriving at the front door and sends him around back to the alley. So far so good. Then Tubbs heads to the interior corner of the shopping center and runs into a passage that brings him right back to where he started, just a few yards from the door where he got beaten.