Original air date:  01/18/1985

The episode starts with Castillo going for a therapeutic swim. This was filmed on Key Biscayne at Crandon Park.

Then we see him at his house on a canal. Crockett and Tubbs show up. This was filmed at 3351 Poinciana Ave. in Coral Gables.

They head to the police station to look into Dale Menton. Trudy is able to track him down. This was a set at Greenwich Studios.

Crockett and Tubbs head out to talk to him. We see them turning from northbound on Collins Ave. onto 71st Street headed west but they pull over and stop right away.

They pay Dale a visit. The interior shot looks like a set but I have not been able to confirm this yet 100%. I would be very surprised if it were not a set.

Then we see the standard season 1 opening montage.

After the opening montage we are inside the O.C.B. (set).  Castillo has an interesting conversation with Menton regarding unfinished business.

Then we see Castillo. Tubbs, and Crockett leaving the O.C.B.. We get a rare view of them walking thru the parking lot along SW 2nd Ave.

Then we see Castillo meet with General Lao Li. This was filmed on Dodge Island while it was still under construction. By drawing a line from their location past the Intercontinental Hotel to the Four Ambassadors (Tony Rome 1967) in the same alignment we see on camera it gives us their location.

Then we see Lao Li at his new home. This was filmed at 485/490 Matheson Dr., Key Biscayne. We have also seen this house used in Calderone’s Return Part 2 and more recently in The Great McCarthy.

Then we return to the O.C.B. where Castillo issues orders to follow all the family members.

Next we see Trudy and Gina tailing some of the woman as they shop. This was filmed on Key Biscayne at the Square Shopping Center, 260 Crandon Blvd.

Next we go to Howie Wong’s restaurant where we learn of a large drug shipment coming in. This was filmed at China Palace, 8001 Biscayne Blvd., Miami.

Then as Stan and Larry are doing surveillance we see Dale land at Lao Li’s house. This hellipad is left over from when Richard Nixon used this location as his winter white house. As Dale is leaving he encounters Lao Li’s grandsons. One of the grandson greets Dale but by mistake calls him Dave. They left it in the production hoping no one would notice.

Then we see the whole vice crew having drinks.  Location unknown.

Then we see Trudy and Gina pay Noogie a visit in a small strip club. They give him the word that he better find out what the Asians are doing or he will be a tax payer again. Location unknown.

Then we see Stan and Larry pull into a diner for lunch and pick up some intel. from Noogie about some China white at a price that’s right, and Howie Wong. This was filmed at Flor’s Pizza (now East Side). Thanks to having the phone number visible on the wall, a quick reverse number check revealed the address of 731 NE 79th Street, Miami. This location and surrounding area have not changed much since Miami Vice filmed here.

Then we go to Howie Wong’s restaurant. There Stan and Larry see Lao Li’s grandsons leave the restaurant. Then Stan and Larry pay Howie a visit and take him to the O.C.B. (set) without any justification.  

Then it cuts to night time and we are back at Howie Wong’s. There, the vice squad raids the drug deal and comes up with the grandsons.

Then we see Castillo arrive at Lao Li’s home. He enters in the same elevator that we saw Michelle Pfeiffer arrive in Scarface where Tony Montana (Pacino) gets his first look at her.

Castillo has the joy of telling Lao Li that he arrested his grandsons and he is not about to stop.

Then we go to Castillo’s wife’s house. Here we see Castillo has set up significant protection for her. Filmed on location at 730 Harbor Drive, Key Biscayne.

Then we see Crockett and Tubbs go to Dale’s pad where they break in and harass him. Location unknown. If you recognize or otherwise know where any of these “unknown locations” were, please let me know at

Then it is back to May Ying’s house (730 Harbor Dr.) for a brief visit before returning to the O.C.B. (set) where Castillo makes sure the grandsons get out on bail.

Then it cuts to Lao Li’s house where the grandsons are briskly escorted out of the house and into an awaiting car.  

Stan, Larry and Castillo tail them down to a warehouse on the Miami River, right near the O.C.B.. General Lao Li holds court, disowns his grandsons, and orders them killed. The police get this on tape and raid the warehouse. Lt. Castillo has the honor of arresting Lao Li.

From there we head to the airport where Castillo sees his old love off safely.  Then Crockett, Tubbs, and Castillo head off into the night to have a drink or two. Not enough is seen to determine at which airport this was filmed. The Grumman Gulfstream G-159 they fly off in was based out of Dallas TX. so that does not help us identify the airport. Location unknown.




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We see this exact same location used in Porky’s 3.

Scarface (1983)

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at:

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at:

Then we go to house where Castillo’s wife is staying. Thanks to CarolineUK working with the group effort at we now know that this (long lost/unknown location) was filmed at 730 Harbor Drive on Key Biscayne. The home has since been remodeled but not so much that it was not identifiable. Thanks and nice work to CarolineUK.


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