Original air date:  11/09/1984

The teaser starts out with Crockett parked in his Daytona on Ocean Drive (AKA Deco Drive). The whole gang is there and Switek lets us know it is 7:00 AM and 102 degrees before Castillo tells him to get off the air.

Castillo, Lester and Gina are on the second floor of the Winter Haven Hotel (same name today) which is on Ocean Drive at 14th Street (north side of intersection).

Switek is across 14th Street on the front porch area of 1390 Ocean Dr.

Filming Goof:  An older man walks out from the Winter Haven and crosses the street to mail a letter. Only problem is no Crockett. In the cuts showing Crockett he is parked outside 1412 Ocean Drive but he is missing in this shot as the guy crosses the street. Maybe he snuck out to get some Cuban coffee.

Zito and Tubbs are across the street at the 14th street bath house.

Another filming goof. Castillo says it is all wrong and decides to pack it in. Crockett says he will pick up Tubbs and Zito but he is in a small 2 seat Daytona. I guess Zito is going to have to use the Noogie seat.

As Crockett is about to end the stakeout, the bad guys arrive.

Crockett is parked on Ocean where 14th Street meets.

We got the grenades, you got the cash.

 The deal turns into a rip-off and the van speeds off to the north where we get a good shot of the Edgewater Beach Hotel which has since been replaced.

After the opening montage we are in the police interrogation room. This was filmed at Greenwich Studio.

Then we go into the vice offices which was filmed in Stage A at Greenwich Studios.

Then we go to the pink house. This is located at 9325 N. Bayshore Dr. Miami Shores.

Next they go to the St. Vitus anchored in the bay off shore from the pink house.

Then the feds pay them a visit and meet Elvis.

Next we go to the OCB (set) and then to Miami International Airport.  Terminal E. Where Tubbs replaces the buyer.

Tubbs goes undercover and Crockett goes back to the boat. There he learns of a meet at the park on Fulton street. This park is Jose Marti Park on SW 4th Ave. and the Miami River.

Then we go to the OCB (studio set).

Then Tubbs goes out to test the merchandise. This was filmed on Virginia Key at the public beach.

Looking away from water                Looking toward water

Yellow arrows above, point to same tree still in the middle of the parking lot.

Notice the sky in the screen captures above. It was a cloudy day when they filmed this scene.

It looks like they used military file footage of a drone being shot down to show the missile test. Note the sky is a clear dark blue, not a Florida color and there are no clouds.

Nice light show but nothing comes out.

Then we see Tubbs in a bar negotiating the deal.  Location unknown.

Then we go back to the pink house before returning to the OCB set.

Next we see the Royal Court rentals from inside a bar. This was filmed on location at the bar. The bar is the Ukulele Bar or The Uke. Biscayne Blvd. and 109th Street, Miami. The Royal Court first lost it’s sign in a hurricane then the whole place was torn down a couple years ago.

Then we go to the pink house again.

Then back to Royal Court / Uke Bar.

Then we see the Miami International Airport again.

Next we see Switek and Zito at a draw bridge. Switek says they are on 2nd Ave. and they are, SW 2nd Ave. at the Miami River headed northbound. They enter a small cargo ship on the north shore of the river by the power sub-station.

Then we go to the pink house briefly before heading to the court house. They approach the Dade County Court House from the east headed westbound on W Flagler Street. This is the south side of the court house.




Red arrow points to where Crockett was parked.

Green arrow points to the Winter Haven.

Blue arrow points to where Switek was.

Red arrow points to where the cargo ship was tied up.

Blue arrow points to the building used throughout the series as the OCB’s exterior.

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If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: