Episode  6

One Eyed Jack


Original air date:  11/02/1984

The episode starts off on the Miami River under the I95 overpass. The bookie is on the second floor of a restaurant called the Rio which is long gone, now a government building. Crockett and Tubbs are on the south bank of the river just east of the restaurant which is on the north side of the Miami River.

The opening montage is the same as in episode 5, Calderone’s Demise.  After the opening montage we are still on the river outside the restaurant.  Crockett and Barbara Carrow are walking east toward the O.C.B.

The Rio

Crockett and Tubbs’ surveillance position.

Then we go to the O.C.B. Interior which was filmed in Stage A of Greenwich Studios. Here we meet Lt. Castillo for the first time. Tubbs describes him as Charles Bronson by way of Havana. He walks into the busiest, most staffed O.C.B. I can remember ever seeing.

Big thanks go to Sue at for finding this next location which had proven to be very elusive. Crockett meets with Vincent, poolside at a Miami Beach hotel. This was filmed at the Carillon Hotel which is now part of Canyon Ranch Resort. 6801 Collins Ave.

Then we go to Crockett’s marina which is still located at Bayside. After an absence for three episodes, Elvis is back and he is out for a stroll perhaps looking for crumb donuts. Crockett is able to save him but in doing so he goofs. He pulls out a badge and ID but it is not his. It is Tubbs’ identification.

Then it is back to the Carillon Hotel pool area where Sonny is set up.

From there we return to the studio, to the O.C.B. Set.

Then it is off to the Carrow residence. This was filmed at 802 NE 99th Street, Miami.

Barbara is meeting with Lombard’s people. This was filmed in South Miami at the intersection of South Miami Avenue and Coral Way. The Mutual of Omaha building is seen in the background.

The Mutual of Omaha building is seen again in the Burn Notice series. Sam Axe is shooting a rifle from the top of this (south) side in the episode Wanted Man.  

The Greenberg Traurig building can be seen under construction in the background behind Barbara.

Tubbs takes his own approach to the case and goes gambling in one of Lombard’s casinos. This was filmed at the famous Carlyle Hotel on Ocean Drive at 13th St., Sobe. The floor design with the inlaid C is what first gave the location away to me.

The next scene returns us to Crockett’s boat at Bayside where Gina is there with her good timing.

Then we go to where Barbara Carrows body has been recovered. This is the first scene that Edward James Olmos filmed when he arrived to be on Miami Vice.

This scene was filmed at the end of NE 105th Street in Miami.

In the next scene we see Tubbs arrive at Lombard’s boat. This was filmed on Watson Island next to the Chalk’s Airline Terminal.

We then return to the O.C.B. interior filmed in Stage A.

Then we go to a cock fight. Location unknown but it looks like it was probably along the Miami River. It also appears the business is a paint shop, possibly painting boats. Likely filmed at Merrill Stevens Boat Yard but more research needs to be done to confirm this.

Then we go to a night-club. This was filmed at Tiffany’s as the sign visible in the background indicates. Tiffany’s was located inside the Carillon Hotel, 6801 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach.

Next we go to the O.C.B. With an establishing exterior shot at Gold Coast Shipping then to the studio for the interior set. Here Vincent calls Tubbs to come in. Vincent is calling from Ocean/Deco Drive just north of 13th Street with the Bushido bath house in the background.

Then we go back to Lombard’s boat on Watson Island.

We get to see great vintage shots of

the Sears tower and the hospital on 14th Street.             

The Miami Herald.

Brickell Key under construction and Dodge Island/Port of Miami in the background, still covered with trees.

After nothing going as planed and Jerry getting his revenge, we return to Crockett’s sailboat where Crockett and Tubbs go fishing. Filmed on location at Miami Marina, Bayside.




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No Exit


Then it cuts to morning. It also cuts to Marin Del Rey, California. This is the first use of stock footage from California in Miami Vice that I have found. Looking west across the marina.

Then we return to Miami and the Miami Marina at Bayside.

However; for 1 cut that last only about 1 second we inexplicably see the Saint Vitus Dance docked on Watson Island near Lombard’s boat. The Sears tower and the Miami Herald building are seen in the background.

The restaurant’s name is on the sign painted on the exterior wall behind the bookie as well as in the background behind Tubb’s, as Crockett takes his picture. However, it is to obscured to read unless you already know what you are looking at.

It is however clearly visible on the placemats.

Looking toward the exterior of the O.C.B.

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If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at:


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