If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org


The teaser starts out with our heroes Crockett and Tubbs staked out in a cargo van. Crockett is refusing to believe it is 5:00 in the morning. Tubbs can’t believe Crockett has gotten him out there when he had a girl on him that was “so fine she could kick start a 747”.

The drug deal goes bad.

This was not an easy location to find and credit must go to DanJ. This scene was filmed in the parking lot of the Miami Herald in downtown Miami. At one point the parking garage of the Omni is seen in the background. The Omni was where the production offices were for Miami Vice at the time of this filming. During the location search for this spot a crew member present during the filming miss-remembered where this was filmed and led us to believe it was in Aventura, Fl. (he must have been thinking about Phil the Shill). Allot of time was spent trying to locate this spot in Aventura but thanks to DanJ’s great knowledge of Miami he was able to locate the spot as the Miami Herald. The parking garage has recently been remodeled(ugh) and looks completely different now so I am glad I was able to see and photograph it as it appeared in M.V.

Omni parking garage

The chase begins as they tear out of the Miami Herald’s parking lot. In the next cut they are headed back toward the Miami Herald, they are traveling westbound on the Venetian Causeway.

They drive by this art work that is still there at the end of the Venitian Causeway.

In the next cut they have turned onto N. Bayshore Drive and are headed south past the Miami Herald.

In the next cut they continue down N. Bayshore Dr. and then turn right (west) onto NE 13 Street.

In the next cut the chase continues on Biscayne Blvd. (US1) by the Omni.

As the teaser concludes it is now daylight and they are filming at the same location. As seen in the capture below you get a rare view of the Municipal Auditorium in the background. This is where Bayside is now. This is a long teaser lasting five minutes and twenty five seconds.

They continue the chase playing bumper tag all along the same stretch of U.S. 1.

Then there is a goof.  When the bad guy first shoots at C+T the filming is from outside the van. There is a cage clearly visible in front of the bad guy. Then it shows filming from inside the van looking out and the cage is gone  ooopps.  The close up shots of Crockett and Tubbs are reported to have been filmed in the alleyway of Greenwich Studios.

Then the action goes to the area across from the freedom tower in downtown Miami. C+T crash into a bulldozer at the construction site for what is now  the American Airlines Arena. The freedom tower can be seen in the background. At the far left of the screen capture below you can also see the famous Coppertone sign that has sadly gone.

The opening montage is the same opening montage that we saw in episode 2, Heart Of Darkness.

After the Montage we are at a cookout on Crockett’s boat. This is filmed at Bayside Marina, same location as will be used throughout seasons 1 and 2.

After the cookout we cut to the next morning and Crockett and Tubbs join Swy and Zito at their bogus hock shop. This was filmed at Greenwich Studios in studio D. Now this part of the studio is the carpentry shop where they build sets.

Now we go to the O.C.B. We start with an establishing exterior shot and then go inside (Greenwich Studio, studio A). The establishing exterior shot is interesting because they use the exact same film for the lead in immediately following the opening montage of episode 10  Give A Little Take A Little.

After spending some time inside the O.C.B. Crockett and Tubbs hit the streets with Nugart Neville “Noogie” Lamont, their new informant. This was filmed on Washington Ave. starting at 1415 and headed north to 1435 where Noogie does his Don Rickles imitation.  Along the way Crockett puts him up against the wall and sets him straight at 1427 Washington Ave.

Next we go to a domino bar. Unknown location. If you know it please let me know  at cglide@floridamovielocations.org

Noogie makes a break for it leaving the domino bar. C+T don’t take long to catch him. This is all filmed on Washington Ave. at Espanola Way. Noogie heads north on Washington Ave. and goes to cross to the west side at Espanola Way but gets cut off by C+T. C+T take him down on the SE corner of the intersection.

Next, we have an exterior establishing shot for Crockett’s meet with his wife. This was filmed in Coconut Grove at the Wyndham Grand Bay. 2669 S. Baysore Drive. The Coconut Grove Convention Center can be seen in the background. This is currently being used as the studio for the T.V. Series Burn Notice.

Just before the exterior shot ends, at the right side of the screen you can see the offices at Grand Bay. They are under construction which dates them to 1984.

It took me a while to figure out where the interior shot was filmed. The circular structure outside the door and the design in the floor were big clues to solving the mystery.  It is the Victor Hotel, 1144 Deco Drive in South Beach.

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If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: cglide@floridamovielocations.org