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The scene at the Victor continues as Crockett sits down with Caroline and her lawyer to find out that Caroline wants to take his boy to Atlanta. This occurs in what is now the waiting area of the hotel lobby outside where the restaurant is today. This location will be used several more times in Miami Vice and now Burn Notice has used it.

As Crockett is leaving the Victor he receives a phone call telling him that the two rookies, Jake and Bobbie have been shot during a preliminary meet. Crockett heads to the scene which was filmed nearby, 1 block north on Ocean Drive outside the Cardozo Hotel (1939). The first time I remember seeing the Cardozo was in Frank Capra’s, A Hole In The Head.

Next we go to the interior of the O.C.B. This is a set at Greenwich Studios, inside Studio A.

Then we visit Noogie in jail. This looks like a set but I do not have outside (or insider) confirmation of this yet. My money is on Greenwich Studios.

Crockett and Tubbs meet Desmund. This location is unknown.

Next we go to the Clay Hotel where Al Capone use to Gamble and Smokey And The Bandit 3 filmed a funny scene.

They drop Noogie off at the Clay Hotel believing the killers are in custody. They head to the police station interrogation room. This is a set at Greenwich Studios.

An example of why Miami Vice won awards for set dressing, notice the Dolphins, Cops and Kids display on the wall of the police station set.

Next Crockett and Tubbs hit the road. The first cut is southbound on Brickell Ave. Passing SE 15th Road. The remaining cuts are all on US 1/ Biscayne Blvd. near the Omni (production HQ). They pull a U turn at NE 17th Terrace. We know both of these stretches from the Pilot.

Sadly this nightclub is gone now. Biscayne Blvd. and NE 17th Terrace.

Noogie is being held by the Jamaicans. This is on the second floor of the Clay Hotel. We go to the studio briefly for a SWAT briefing before heading to the Clay to rescue Noogie.

Crockett has the sniper pulled back, out of sight.

Rick Bravo who worked as a focus puller on Miami Vice during the first two seasons says the following scene where one of the Jamaicans goes to the Ferrari with crockett and Tubbs, who is hiding in the trunk zaps him with a stun gun, were filmed in the alley way at Greenwich Studios. As they are walking toward the car we can see in the background a “bridge” of cables and conduit running between the studio buildings. This confirms the location.

In the picture above of the entrance to Greenwich Studios (south side) the alley they filmed in runs north south between studios A and B starting at the far right of the picture above where the little white guard shack is.

Then the filming returns to the Clay Hotel.  The room they used now has an open, arched doorway, but otherwise is mostly unchanged.

Next we go to “Biscayne General Hospital”. The establishing shot is of Cedars located on the NW corner of NW 14th Street and NW 12th Ave in Miami just off the Dolphin Expressway. The shot is taken from the SE looking NW toward Cedars. Then after the establishing shot we are magically transported to the parking lot of St Francis Hospital on Miami Beach. St Francis has been torn down and replaced with condos. It was located on Allison Island south of W 63rd Street.


St. Francis



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