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Heart Of Darkness

The teaser starts us off on the set of a porn film. This was filmed at Carl Ritz Imports and Exports Corporation. Located at N.W. 13th Street and N.W. 6th Ave. in Miami. The building is now gone and the location is part of the grounds of Booker T Washington Senior High School.


I had looked for this building on several occasions but was unable to find it. DanJ put the pieces together and solved this location mystery. The elevated highways and the one house that remains (because of its historic importance) were used to suss out this location since most of the roads are also gone and there are now basketball courts where the Carl Ritz building stood. Thanks for the good work of DanJ and his permission to post his location pictures that appear on the next page.  

After the opening credits the episode starts with a classic Miami Vice camera pan of Miami.

This was filmed from the roof of the Suntrust building located on Lincoln Road Mall near the intersection of  Alton Road in Miami Beach. In the picture below, the yellow arrow indicates the approximate location of the camera.

The scene continues with the camera panning outside the courthouse.

Notice the difference of the Miami background from the screen capture above left filmed in July of 1984 compared to my photo above right, taken in January, 2008. Shows how much Miami has grown with the high-rises sprouting everywhere, the popularity of this show having allot to do with it.

In the picture below the red arrow points to the first camera position. The yellow arrow points to the courthouse.

Then we see Crockett and Tubbs on the way to a meeting. The screen capture below is from the first cut as they travel east on 195 just leaving mainland Miami crossing the bay toward Miami Beach.

In the picture below: light green line is where the first cut of the drive was filmed.  

The light blue line is where the second cut was filmed.

The blue line indicates where the third cut was filmed.

The magenta line indicates where the fourth cut was filmed.

The yellow line indicates where the fifth cut was filmed (westbound).

The purple line indicates where the sixth cut was filmed.

The black line indicates where the seventh cut was filmed.

The eighth cut is unknown exactly but it was filmed on the middle island.

The red line indicates where the ninth cut was filmed.

The green line indicates where the tenth cut was filmed. They are not exiting on Alton Road but are actually exiting westbound onto US1/Biscayne Blvd.

The orange line indicates where the eleventh cut was filmed.

The first 11 cuts were all on 195.  With the 12th cut they move to Miami beach. In cut 12 they are southbound on Indian Creek Dr. just north of W.63rd Street.

Cut 13 was filmed just north of 65th Street still on Indian Creek Drive and still headed southbound.

In the picture below the light green line is where cut 13 was filmed.

Cut 14 continues on Indian Creek Drive as they pass 65th Street heading south. Blue line in the picture above shows where this was filmed.

The buildings outlined in blue were not there when vice filmed this episode in 1984

Cut 15 they continue southbound now near 64th Street checking their rear-view mirror.

Cut 16 starts a few dozen feet north of cut 15 but it is also headed southbound. Cut 17 continues southbound but the camera is shooting west past Tubbs + Crockett and we see Indian Creek Park in the background as we did in cut 12.

In the picture below cut 15 was filmed where the green line is. Cut 16 where the light blue line is and cut 17 where the red line is.

In cut 18 we see the bottom of the 63 Street flyover.

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Original air date:  09/16/1984

Heart Of Darkness Page 2

For reference purposes and to avoid confusion I refer to this as episode two because most sources today call it episode two despite being the first episode after the Pilot which was a movie and not an episode.

Heart Of Darkness Page 2 Heart Of Darkness Page 2

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Ifyou recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at:

If you recognize any of the unknown locations or have something else to add, please let me know at: